People are not motivated to donate money, because they do not know how their money has been spent and they do not see to whom exactly they help.
We would like to solve this problem with blockchain technology. The main feature of this technology is that everyone in the world can see transactions in a blockchain. Thus, if NGOs has the block-chain account, people can see how their money is spent.

What it does

This is a platform which brings together humanitarian organisations (NGOs), people who want to donate and external services which are authorized by us (hospitals, consultancy, food providers and so on). The trust is build based on block-chain technology. NGOs can register their profile with their block-chain address and start donation campaigns. Users can see these campaigns and donate money to NGOs. When the campaign is finished, NGO sends collected money to external services registered on our platform with its own blockchain account. In this case, all transactions in this chain can be checked by everyone. Users can also see a nice map of money flow to places where this money are used.

How we built it

Here maps API, React, API

Challenges I ran into

Integration of HERE map into React

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We successfully implemented prototype with real API calls to HERE map and API. Transactions data we use is from the real accounts

What I learned

Legal issues related to conventional NGOs funding mechanisms. These problems can be solved using cryprocurrency smart contracts.

What's next for MotiDon

Complete product implementation and project promotion, such that individuals, NGOs and external services can start using it.

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