My friends and I discovered that when we thought about e-commerce, what we really wanted was a good deal. Sometimes these deals aren't right in front of you, so we decided to cast the net a bit further afield, and thus MotherShip was born.

What it does

It compares search results for the two retail giants Alibaba and Amazon and renders various analysis components based on comparisons of the individual components.

How we built it

We built it on a fairly standard MERN infrastructure, using every possible opportunity to utilize Amazon APIs and services. We are fairly new to this, so the opportunity to apply and develop new skills in this field was awesome.

Challenges we ran into

The 4 am git merge fiasco definitely almost tore us apart.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We delivered this wonderful application, without even the ability to connect to the Alibaba sales API, meaning we built a custom scraper suite just to get this information.

What we learned

We definitely learned to adapt to the time constraints that a hackathon imposes, but we also proved to ourselves that we don't have to change some parts of our gameplan just because the resources don't necessarily all line up right away.

What's next for MotherShip

On to bigger and better things! (And hopefully actual API integration with Alibaba)

Built With

  • mern
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