We were drunk at a bar.

What it does

You can buy pixels from a canvas, or outbid one already bought in the past. When your pixel is outbid, you get your money back plus the difference between the new one and yours. The more a pixel is bought, the more the price increases. When you paint a pixel there's a random probability of you minting a NFT. That NFT is the current canvas, so all the degens can make art together, collaboratively. As time goes by, the chance of a lucky painter being the one to get the final layout, as an NFT, increases. There can only be 7777 NFTs and one is minted approximately every 24h so this project will run for about 20 years. Owning the NFT gives you access to the most exclusive collaborative pixel art community online where you have access to governance.

How we built it

With a hangover. And solidity. And NextJS. We think...

Challenges we ran into

Every canvas is on the smart contract, so getting the current one efficiently and getting a decent probability function without running out of gas.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the whole thing done because we're not very productive.

What we learned

A Moscow Mule has ginger, sparkling water, lime, and vodka.

What's next for MotherfuckingPixels

Opening the sales 2 weeks from now.

Built With

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