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MotherBot - AWS Chatbot submission

MotherBot helps by Sharing Calendars, Approved Contacts and provides a self-service administration platform for the C.E.O. of the Home to effectively schedule and organize. The AWS Chat Bot allows various processes to be made available to these household with the primary purpose of verifying the identity of the individual connections, formalizing an approval process and managing the ‘feasibility’ on the calendar.

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Households are like mini-organizations, except their members or ‘little users’ often find themselves in a place of constant challenge and response. Seeking approval and then finding out how to facilitate getting it done is the world that ‘Tweens’ live in. The coordination required among Parents often requires effective communication practices regardless of your Work-life or Marital status. Technology can enable Parents or Parental guardians to manage the household workloads while providing an appropriate level of privacy and respect.

Design Components

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There are 3 main functional aspects to MotherBot.

  1. Identity and Access Management (Contact Management)
  2. Activity Approval
  3. Calendar Feasibility

Contact Management

Managing the contacts that are made are very important in a digital age. This is for protection, but also as a measure of maintaining contact information. There is often a need to share contact information within the private networks that Households create.

MotherBot can be introduced to a friend which begins this Functional workflow. It is similar to performing a 2 form factor of authorization, by authenticating the new contact by gaining a phone number as a by-product. This allows for a contact number for each of the ‘friends’ that are included in the direct calls or attended events.

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Phone Verification, using Twillio, is used to make sure people are who they say they are when signing up as a ‘Friend’. It reduces risk and prevents fraudulent signups and increases trust. Phone verification events are best implemented when the user is giving you their number for the first time. When a user triggers that event, generate a One Time Passcode (OTP) and send it via SMS to the user Present the user with a UI to enter the code and verify the code against the one you generated to see if they match.

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Information management about the households Who, Where and What is the primary goal of an activity approval workflow. It helps gather the details that are needed to make a decision. Once decisions are made Logistics can be considered, and sometimes the logistics dictates whether and Activity can be approved.

Activity Approval starts after approved events, locations and authenticated friends have been entered.

Calendar Events

Coordinating the activity workflow is a major undertaking. Similar to Booking Hotels and Cars, accounting for events will help manage the household calendar. • Arrival Alerts • Appointment Reminders

Amazon API Gateway

An HTTPS endpoint was created on the AWS API Gateway to interact with Twilio. A Lambda function is the preprocessing layer between Amazon Lex and Twilio and was created using the awslabs/amazon-lex-twilio-integration. Any Bot can be added to use the API Gateway by adjusting the Environment Variables.

Text the MotherBot’s Twilio Phone Number: (201)431-7268 to access MotherBot by Mobile Device.

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  • MeetAFriend
    Slots: FriendInfo
    Utterances: meet a friend Utterances: I would like you to meet a friend Prompts:
  • CanICall
    Slots: WhoCall
    Utterances: Can I call someone Utterances: Can I call ​{Calling}​ Prompts:
  • CanIGoTo:
    Slots: ApprovedFriendsHome - Available approved Friend's House
    Slots: ApprovedPublicPlaces – Pool Club, Library, Bowling, Mall
    Utterances: Can I go somewhere Utterances: Can I go ​{FriendHouse}​ Utterances: Can I go ​{PublicPlaces}​ Prompts:
  • CanISee:
    Slots: Events –
    Slots: Approved Movie
    Slots: Approved Concert
    Utterances: Can I go see an ​{Events}​ Utterances: Can I go see an ​{Movies}​ Utterances: Can I go see a {Concerts} Prompts:
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