Jewish life revolves around a lot of cooking–from weekly Shabbos dinners to extravagant Yom Tov meals. Over the past few years, Jewish cuisine has evolved from the traditional standard fare such as gefilte fish to more adventurous foods spurred in part by the proliferation of kosher cookbooks, blogs, and social influencers. The choices of what to make can be very overwhelming for the amateur cook.

What it does

To solve this conundrum, we came up with an app that culls from popular kosher cooking sources and gives the users options of what to cook, all while keeping to specific allergy restrictions and food preferences.

How we built it

In our first iteration, we used open-source API and Github, but ultimately settled on Figma to create the prototype.

Challenges we ran into

We don't necessarily come from traditional coding backgrounds, so trying to figure out which technology to use and how to build a prototype took time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to collaborate as a team and talk through our ideas to come up with consensus for the problem we were trying to solve. We are proud to have explored new technologies, including open-source APIs, and learning how to access and use Github repose.

What we learned

We learned how to "Fig-Jam"!

What's next for מתכוני חיים- Recipes for Life

Video collaborations with popular bloggers and motivational speakers for the modern Jewish woman to inspire for upcoming holidays.

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