Sometimes, a mosque that is not in densely populated areas has fewer resources like food, furniture, and prayer mats. If we can connect the mosque to share the resources among themselves through a unified platform.

What it does

Sharing resources among the mosques, allowing the mosque to publish events, news, and announcements on a platform. 1.User Authentication (Login, Signup) 2.Search nearby Mosque within given proximity ( e,g zip code within 10 miles) 3.Prayer Timings (Jummah prayer, Traweeh prayer) 4/Donation (a user can donate) 5.News & Announcements (Events happening) 6.Question Forum ( user can ask question anonymously) 7.Easier Mosque-Volunteer communication

How we built it

A cross-platform mobile application designed in flutter, blackened is developed in Java.

Challenges we ran into

Adding the mosques data, getting trained on technology are fewer challenges we faced.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Collaborating with diverse teammates, brainstorming ideas.

What's next for Mosqunity

A comprehensive platform to integrate the mosques and allow visitors to look for events and news.

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