Inspiration :

Your Hackathon and doing something good for society.

What it does

It connects people so that collectively anti mosquito drive can be made effective.

How I built it

Worked on ionic 3, Parse back-end for last two weeks to build this app in my part time.

Challenges I ran into

Time - as I have a full time job as well. Also funding for some of the features (which I have withheld for time being like SMS verification for the authentication of data)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In a short period of time, I came up with the mobile app and back-end working!

What I learned

Lot...that with a proper focus we can do things in short time.

What's next for Mosquito Menace

There are lots of potential. We can tie up with NGOs to upload bulk validated data. I'm planning for Android app as well. As of now developed the iOS app (though code base is same). SMS verification while uploading patient's data. Connecting with hospitals. Connecting with authorities who run anti mosquito drives.

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