Reject humanity, return to monke mosaic. An interactive art piece that turns you into a mosaic of your interests!

How it works

MosaicofMe scrapes Bing API for images of your interests and downloads them into their respective folders. It then goes through each one and calculates the average brightness of each image.

When you give it your profile image, it scales it down. Then it goes through every single pixel and creates a 2D array of brightness values at each pixel. Then, it scales it back up for a pixelated effect.

A function is run to match the best fit of profile brightness values and the corresponding Interest image. It creates a reference array storing the indices of the Interest image.

Finally, the mosiac is shown as a python plot of a 3d array representing RGB values. Using the reference array and the names of the Interest image, MosaicOfMe shows you an art piece of you and your interests!

Challenges we ran into

I ran into a lot of issues trying to figure out what Python is capable of and what was wrong with my logic. Thank you to all the mentors at TechTogetherAtlanta, they really made my weekend! And thank you to the organizers for making this event happen!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This! Check out the github for commented source code.

Built With

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