are you a Pilgrims' guide? so, what does it takes to manage your groups through the Hajj process or find them within 2.335 Million People?

What it does

Moshref is a double face mobile platform help the pilgrims' guides to manage their groups in an easy, fast and digital way.

How we built it

we built two mobile application, one for the Guide to plan, schedule, and direct the pilgrims through specific tasks another one for the Pilgrims to receive the notification and request a service like find the tint place on the map or request a medical help.

Challenges we ran into

1- a lot of pilgrims are elders or doesn't know how to use the mobile. we solve it by Simplify the UI, as the pilgrim will do everything on one page and

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the simplicity of the Pilgrims mobile app

What we learned

What's next for moshref

Build the web app platform, work on the integration to integrate with other services like the financial services

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