The inspiration came when Aman was at a hackathon and realized that no one like the music being played. That’s when he realized that creating a playlist based on everyone’s preference was a great idea.

What it does

When users check in to Moshmusic, it hands over each of the user’s Spotify data into the hands of the host, and automates a playlist of songs that encompasses the preferences of all the attendees at the event. Ultimately, Moshmusic is the ultimate DJ that no one can beat. Users can see the playlist that is being played through their app at the event that enables them to discover new music right away. It also connects attendees at the event based on their similar music preferences creating an even more interactive experience.

How I built it

We used React Native on the front end, Python on the back end, and Sketch for the design. The back-end combines all the attendee’s music and runs algorithms to determine the most-preferred music for the group. The front-end utilizes React Native, Facebook’s API, and the information from the backend to present the data on our mobile app.

Challenges I ran into

Working with both Spotify’s and Facebook’s API were extremely problematic. Since React Native is a relatively new technology the resources available for linking both API’s were limited and forced us to focus most of our time on that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built a functional full-stack mobile application with limited experience going in. The app looks holistically complete.

What I learned

Tony learned how to create a fully functional front-end application. Aman learned how to use the Spotify API.

What's next for MoshMusic

Right now, MoshMusic only generates a match rate with other people based on the similarity of music taste. In the future, we would like to allow the users to personalize their settings and also find more avenues of creating better playlists. We also want to integrate different algorithms that can match people from ways other than music. This would ultimately lead to more people finding and initiating conversations with like-minded individuals, empowering meaningful connections, which is something that is often hard to achieve in a large setting with strangers.

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