We are just a video game loving guys wanting to connect other players with your avatar and socialize in a chat room. The idea then evolved to create a simple Online RPG with some Social features and integration with other platforms. We took inspiration on games like Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Zelda and Ragnarok Online.

What it does

Mosha Online is the first mexican Online RPG that can be played anywhere you want, PC, tablet, smartphone. What it does is that you can create your own Hero, dress it like you want, go hunting, alone or in a team, create a Guild to help you capture other monsters, train them to be your pets and help you in battles. You can also leave your pets to explore the world of Mosha, take photos and upload them instantly to our platform for others to see, comment, like and share.

How I built it

We used PHP7 for our backend and MySQL for our Database. We then used websockets to create a stable server and used a lot of javascript to create a lot of algorithms that work together.

Challenges I ran into

We still need more optimizations, the game runs very well on powerful machines. We still need more content and money is needed to produce quality content. We developed our own custom engine. I was alone when development started in 2016 in my spare time. Finally in 2018 I decided to dedicate more time, we have been growing since then and have a team of 3 people.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have earned the title of The First Mexican Online RPG game because of our technical innovation. We have won 3rd place at Gamacon 2018, Best Technological Innovation at Videojuegos MX 2018, Winners at Chihuahua Innova 2019 and most recently we were IndiePrize 2019 finalists.

What I learned

We learned that the game can be profitable with a bigger community. So we are aiming for 100k registered users. We now have +2k registered users and more than 500 monthly active users. We also have more than 20k monsters eliminated ingame and more than 15k social interactions.

What's next for Mosha Online

We are creating crossovers with other mexican studios. We are developing more content each month. We are optimizing the game daily.

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