EA's API allows anyone, with a smartphone, to connect to a webpage. We thought that it would be cool to design a game that is a simple, multiplayer,and, ultimately, easy-to-access.

What it does

Our game is a battle royale, last-man-standing ball simulator that allows a user to compete against his/her friends. We created the simulator using Unity. A person controls a ball which can be maneuvered using a smartphone device. The direction the phone is tilted, the direction the ball moves. Depending on the angle or how far the phone is tilted, the computer adjusts the momentum and speed of the ball. We also built in a "boost" button as a feature that allows a player to jump in the direction it is moving. While in the air, the ball can be re-directed to go a different course.

How I built it

The game was built from the ground up using C# in Unity. After learning of EA's API, we then integrated the API into our game and started the developing the website using HTML5, CSS, and JS. The application links any mobile device directly to the Unity application using a server.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the entire gaming experience to run smoothly for people different mobile devices.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Designing and creating a game with little to no previous experience/assets.

What I learned

Game design, development, and debugging. Web design, development, and debugging.

What's next for Mosh Pit

More Maps, More Balls, More Modes. We are considering creating "skins" for the balls and having a different objective for whatever mode they select (i.e. King of the Hill, Deathmatch, Races). Another consideration is placing screens in public waiting areas such as traffic lights and bus stops. Instead of sitting at the bus stop and waiting, the time could be spent on interacting with people of all ages.

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