The Book of Exodus

What it does:

Teaches Christian Kids and Teens how to build their own 3D Computer Bible Adventure Games. They learn the Bible as well as how to code.

How we built it:

Unity 3D, C# and JavaScript

Challenges we ran into:

Only 1 member of the quickly formed Hackathon Team knew how to use Unity 3D so much time was spent learning the 3D Game Engine Environment

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We were able to create a couple of Role Playing Game Bible Quests with an interactive audio and video enhanced story. We also wrote a chapter for the Quests & Crafting section of the Moses Rod RPG. We also had a lot of fun working together!

What we learned:

Unity 3D, Game Development with 3D Animation & Graphics. The team also learned about how BibleByte Books & Games markets their computer programming tutorials to teachers, parents and students

What's next for the Moses Rod 3D Bible Adventure Game Programming Tutorial For Christian Kids & Teens Expansion:

Additional tutorial chapters on Mecanim 3D animation and RPG Inventory Management. The Unity 3D Game Programming Tutorial is planned for release in 2017 for Christian Schools and Homeschool parents.


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