The inspiration came from the MOSCARs film festival at McMaster University that encouraged people to create short films that were authentic to our values as Muslims. The ‘aha’ moment was seeing new creators who had not been active in the film field up until then.

What it does

Channel all the efforts and ambitions of creative students towards a focused film festival that aims at developing talent, building a community and being true to ourselves.

The target market will be Muslim university students in GTA region, but this will expand to Canada and North America over time. While participants may hold differing views, they are still encouraged to contribute as long as they abide by the general guidelines.

How we will build it

Organize a university-based event and grow it in phases that allow us to work within our means. The first phase will be hosted at McMaster University, as a follow-up from the current festival, with a greater emphasis on equipping people with the skills necessary to build better films. From here onwards, other universities will be invited to participate.

The Second Phase will be to reach out to other universities to collaborate on the planning and organizing of the event, with the possibility of moving to a more appealing venue such as Toronto. At this point, it will be important to create a community hub- a facebook group at the start- where people can collaborate, learn from each other and get mentorship from more experienced members.

The end goal of this would be to channel talent towards producing films for a Muslim media company, and creating an independent and international, film festival based in Toronto. But these are separate ventures beyond the scope of this for now.


The participants will be given a month to produce the content after releasing the theme for that year’s contest. Then these submissions will be screened by a panel and the shortlisted ones will be moved forward for viewing in a public setting, most likely in a large lecture hall or theatre.

The guidelines will be more stringent than most other competitions out there, with the following as an example:

-You should feel comfortable watching it with your mom

-No profanity, extreme violence, sexually explicit content and immodest clothing

-It is discouraged to use musical instruments or have a musical score

-Have no hate speech, incitement to violence or anything that promotes sectarian divisions

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