We were bored by the prototypical mortgage calculator, so we decided to make things more interesting.

What it Does

Our project is Mortgage Quest, a mortgage calculator that makes every mortgage calculation an adventure. It is a web application that visualizes each mortgage payment the user makes as a 'boss fight'. The boss fight changes dynamically based on the inputs given in the form. The boss fight does not interfere with the calculation, so you can calculate mortgage payments just as easily as you would on a regular mortgage calculator.

How we Built It

We read the values of the form, and dynamically change the values of the boss fight, such as the boss, the player's attack speed, and the damage being dealt. We calculate the payments needed using a mortgage formula, and the values used for that are again dynamically taken from the form input. All of this is done using React.

Challenges we Ran Into

Since some of us were beginners with web development, we ran into some trouble with unexpected bugs. Also, we had some trouble figuring out how the inputted values would be used in the mortgage formula. However, with some research and debugging, we managed to figure everything out.

Accomplishments that We are Proud Of

We were able to effectively collaborate and learn new techniques despite the hackathon being online.

What we Learned

We learned about front end web development and deployment.

What's next for Mortgage Quest

Mortgage Quest could be implemented into a bank's mobile/web app used for mortgage calculations to make the experience more fun and less mundane for end users (we are talking to you RBC please listen to us d>:) ).

Video demo

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