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what is it

Morse allows users to send discord messages using morse code. Our hack consists of a pair of raspberry pi’s hooked up to a clicker and a LCD panel.

how we built

The entire codebase was primarily Python. We used for the Discord bot as well as some Adafruit Python libraries to interface with the hardware. Communication between the pi and our server is done using Websockets and Asyncio.


Originally our socket code was written using threading. However, makes use of Asyncio, which doesn’t play too nicely with threads. A good deal of the code base had to be refactored as a result.

We also had a lot of miscellaneous hardware issues, such as the clickers sending false clicks.

Finally, the second pi was originally running Arch Arm, which apparently had some kernel issues so it couldn’t access the gpio pins. We rage quit and installed Raspbian instead.

what we learned

Somehow, despite this being everyone’s first hardware hack, we encountered a mountain more software issues than hardware issues.

next steps

A great deal of features was implemented, but we ran out of time to connect them all. for example, we set up a buzzer so each pi user can also receive messages from the discord channel.

actually using the clicker to input morse code could also be a bit more user-friendly. at the moment, letter and word boundaries are based on timing alone, so it was rather easy to mess up the characters. perhaps some indication LEDs would help.

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