ESE 190 group 2


We will make two arduinos.

The first one has a button input, and output speech in audio. It will have an extra button to start/stop recording, and another button to repeat the audio output.

The second one has an audio input and output a sound of beeps to represent the Morse code, with an LED that blinks at the same time. We will have a button for repeat, and a button to start/stop recording.

What parts we need

We need a way to input audio. One of the ways would be to just record it and play it on the phone that hooks up to the arduino, but we would love to demo it live.

The other parts that we will use that we have would be some buttons, the speaker, an LED, resistor for the LED, 2 arduinos and some wires.


We would like to get the wires and buttons built such that we can output the words out either on the Serial or by voice by April 3rd. We would like to finish the other by April 17th.

Expected Difficulties

We would need to search up different libraries, and that would take quite some time. We need a library for speech to text, and another for text to speech.

Built With

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