Project Description:

I will be creating a Morse Code Reader. This super-secret spy software will require a human touch to activate (a temperature sensor will check for body temperature), and then the user can control a light to send off their message. The message will be received by a light sensor and displayed on the associated Blynk Application. The code will determine the length of time needed to record a dot or a dash and interpret the distinctions between separate characters. Additionally, I will allow it so that the sensor can adapt to different levels of ambient lighting.

Team members:

Alexis Ward – all roles.

Parts needed for project

  • IoT
  • Cell phone
  • Light Sensor
  • Light
  • Temperature sensor
  • Maybe some customizable stuff: For example, if a certain command is issued, something cool can be activated – like different color lights turning on, etc.

Final Write-Up

  1. Since I've always been curious about Morse Code, this project was a fun way to learn it and put my knowledge from Silicon Garage to the test.
  2. Throughout April, I went step by step to create this project as stated below:
  3. First I made sure the temperature sensor interactions worked, and then the light sensor interactions. After I was comfortable setting a threshold to understand body temperature and dots-vs-dashes, I wrote the general skeleton of the code. I then programed a binary tree to store all possible Morse-Coded-characters and incorporated that into my original code to read the light sensor's values. I then added a space button and many more interactive features. After I was confident everything worked, I moved from my Arduino UNO Wifi to an MKR1000.
  4. The idea was to be able to look at any light (with a light sensor) and see what messages it may be outputting. If you connect the light sensor to a separate device one person can send messages to another (through Blynk).
  5. Improvement-wise: I'm very happy with how this turned out!
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