Our team wanted to develop something that we were familiar with. Two of our group members are part of the Amateur Radio Club, which gave us the idea to do something based around that. One thing led to another, and we decided to create something we thought would be helpful in disaster areas that would be both practical and applicable .

What it does

The morse code encoder/decoder is a proof of concept that receives and transmits morse code, while displaying and reading regular language on the user end. This allows anybody, regardless of their familiarity with Morse code to be able to understand as well as send messages. Such a device would be applicable when cellular data and other communications are unavailable, yet people still need to quickly send messages over long distances.

How we built it

Our team took an Arduino and used the shield that allowed us to connect various components. This allowed us to attach a button for spoofing Morse code to the Arduino, as well as a buzzer and LEDs to spoof transmitting Morse code out of the Arduino. The actual Arduino sketch has capabilities for both decoding and encoding as well as displaying messages to users and accepting messages as inputs from the serial monitor.

Challenges we ran into

Our team overshot our goals when we realized we were unable to properly hook up the receiver we had to our Arduino. We were missing a way to create an antenna as well as something to transmit to the specific wavelength the receiver listened for. This led us to be forced into making spoof elements and to simulate receiving and sending Morse code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to combine a passion with programming and an understanding of amateur radio to create a project that could be beneficial to people in dire situations. The button on the Arduino can be used to accurately write Morse code, indicating that the Arduino would be able to process such a signal. The led also indicates that the output signal matches Morse code, and would be able to hooked up to a proper transmitter as well.

What we learned

We learned more about the study of RF electronics and how to program using an Arduino.

What's next for Morse Code Encoder/Decoder

Adding a radio transceiver to be able to receive messages long distance and also communicate with others.

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