Morrow was inspired by the Morrow Plots, a 35000 square foot cornfield located at the heart of the University of Illinois. The field was the brainchild of Professor George E. Morrow, a Civil War soldier-turned-agriculture professor, and it provided irrefutable evidence that soil quality is directly linked to agricultural productivity. With our project, we're bringing soil quality data to farmers and pinpointing potential issues at the touch of a button, making their job easier and more environmentally efficient. With Morrow, we'll make tomorrow's better world, today.

What it does

Simply put, Morrow can be stuck in the ground in the middle of a field and wirelessly provide data about temperature, moisture levels, and humidity. This data, which can be analyzed either through the web or using our App, can be used to create a "heatmap" of soil conditions, which can then be used to pinpoint locations that need more fertilizer, more water, etc. Morrow takes the digital dashboard even further by integrating with existing agricultural technologies. Morrow creates reports for tractor OBD ports, allowing for Morrow's data analysis to help the farmer automatically. OBD data uploaded to the tractor can control fertilizer output from a tractor, saving the farmer thousands of dollars while also being more environmentally efficient.

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