Your Pebble watch, your phone and the free Morpheuz app are all you need to monitor your night's sleep.

Inside the Pebble watch is a movement sensor called an accelerometer. Using this Morpheuz tracks your movement during the night and transmits this back to your phone.

You view this information on your phone as a graph of movement over the night, and as a chart of the time spent in deep sleep, light sleep and potentially awake states.

Morpheuz includes a Smart Alarm facility. This enables you to set an earliest and latest wake-up time. When Morpheuz detects that you are stirring within this period, Morpheuz will gently awaken you with 30 seconds of watch vibration. If you remain in a deep sleep until the latest wake up time, Morpheuz will always attempt to wake you.

Morpheuz also includes a Power Nap feature. Once activated (by pressing select for 1.5 seconds), Morpheuz starts a countdown once you stop moving, giving an optimum 27 minutes of rest before stirring you with gentle vibration.

You can export a single night’s data via an email. You can then easily import this CSV data into a spreadsheet.

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