About Morocco Chat Messenger

Morocco Chat Messenger is a real-time SMS and Chat messaging system built to enable drivers to find Passengers and Passengers to find Drivers respectively. To ensure that both Drivers and Passengers were connected in real-time, the app uses Four main features to provide real-time communications:

1.) SMS Pickup Request: This features when used sends automatic SMS to Drivers Mobile devices about the Passengers Ride Request. This feature requires Passenger to enter her Pickup address, Destination address,Time etc.

2.)Make Call:: This features helps Passenger and Drivers to have a direct call with each other regarding the ride. Please use mobile phone for this.

3.) Chat System: This option enable both Drivers and Passengers to have one-to-one chat with Files/Photo sharing options.

4.)Bidding System: This is another awesome features. it can be used by both Drivers and Passengers. For instance if Driver needs to ride with just female passengers or Male Passengers or Mixed(ie Both Male and Female), the Driver can send a Message broadcast based on Gender Option selected so that Passengers that wants to travel will start accepting the request in real-time...

Consequently, If a Passenger want to ride with just Male or Female or Mixed (ie Both Male and Female), He/She can use the bidding system to send notification broadcast, then Drivers looking for passenger can now contact him/her from Passengers Profile via SMS Ride Request, Phone Call and Chat System....This Bidding System tends to reduce cost as many Drivers will queue up trying to accept the passengers request, barging on Cost can go on eg. via Chatting, Phone Call etec...

Platform of Coverage

Ranging from Web,Mobile Devices, Tablets and Desktop. it does automatic resize to fit in the screen resolution of any devices

Technicality of the App

1.)Super Fast and Time Saving: Connection between Drivers and Passengers for a ride is just a matter of seconds. The app uses socket.io and nodejs for apps scalability and fastness.....

2.)100% Security: Informations about each Drivers are well displayed so that Users will not have anything to fear. The app are only used by Licensed Drivers thus their registration Vehicle number is being displayed..
3.)Genders Options: The app offers genders riding options(Males only,Female or Mixed.) See Bidding System

4.) Price/Cost Reduction: Even if the price may be fixed per passenger or Per Trip or can be calculated based on KM of coverage, someone who is trying to book a taxi or trying to ride with Driver can still negociate via our venerable one to one chat system. Your conversation with each Driver is secured

Meeting the Needs of Optional Mini Challenges

The Bidding System enables both drivers and Passengers to share rides based on gender of their choice. You can choose to ride only with Males, Female or Mixed(ie with Both Male and Female type).The locations/routes between Drivers and Passengers are matched using OpenXc Data and then shared on google Map in real-time....

OpenXc Integration

The appliction System is equipped with Ford OpenxC Individual data such as taxi/drivers locations. this facilitates location matching to provides Passengers with Drivers/Taxi near you.This optimize performance of the entire system thus making searching easier also.This tends to save time,reduce fuel cost, reduce enviromental pollution.

How to Use the App

If you are a passenger just signup, upload your profile picture and start connceting to the drivers.....
If You are a driver, just signup, upload your picture , then quickly go to Edit option to update your Drivers info to optimize your search index. that is it.

Why App is the Best

1.)Drivers are not always online so we update them via sms in real-time.

2.)The chat system facilitates conversations between Drivers and Passengers. This will make Passengers to be at peace and can personalize the drivers for future ride.The Chat show typing notification to show if the Driver is still with you or have leave the system

3.) The System show which Drivers is online or offline.This will help you to decide if you will chat with the Driver, or send SMS Pickup Request or Make Phone Call.

4) The search option enables you to search and connect to any Driver of your choice.

5.) The Bidding System enable Drivers and Passengers to ride with any gender of their choice.

6.) The app is 100% responsive and have been test to work in all devices ranging from Mobile to Desktop.

Issues just Detected upon submission.

The Chat click button from drivers list or Drivers near you seems to be on increase as many drivers gets registered. This is just little problem and can be resolved easily. The Joy is that the app still works 100% fine.

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