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This app was created from scratch by single android developer yassine mellas.

To run this app you need internet connection and to activate your GPS.

This app Provides solutions to almost all the problems mentioned in the challenge also the Mini-Challenges and also i added another useful feature.

Simple and easy

You'll notice that my app is smooth and easy that's because it was created by peace and love. But The source code is way too complicated and needed so much work.

Data Source

Some data is real like my position, the taxi stations around me their addresses, the distance between me and the taxi station, the time walking to that station or riding a car (this data was taken from google map API).

Other data is not real like the taxi cab phone number (my home phone number),The availability of the taxi cabs (green red or gray circle) etc..

Fast, Costs less, Safe

This app provides fast rides by showing the nearest taxi stations to you.

It costs less money if you share the taxi cab with other people or if you go to the taxi station on your own you’ll get a discount of -15 % I provided you with data that might help you to get there like the address the distance the time walking or riding a car.

It is 100% safe because it works on the passenger side, the driver is only going to get the coordinates and phone calls while he's waiting for the passengers and not while he's driving.


I) the green circle : an empty taxi cab is available now. there are 2 possibilities whether you go alone or with others if you go alone you must pay the remaining places If you go with others You should pick 1 or more and you cannot pick more than 5.

II) the gray circle : available seats not filled yet there are 2 possibilities whether the taxi cab is mixed gender or filled only with women

III) The red circle : the taxi is full or not available in this station


Calling a taxi cab (the phone number is fake it is my home number)

The tramway stops

The tramway stations are shown in the map (little blue Squares), so just pick the nearest taxi cab to the tramway station you want.

The last feature

just place the marker wherever you want, press OK then you'll see the nearest taxi cabs around that marker. this helps whether you don’t want to activate your GPS or you wanna help a friend in another city or just you wanna know the nearest taxi stations to a position you choose, like the nearest taxi station to a tramway station.

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