We wanted to learn about voice recognition and network game connections.

What it does

The user can use voice command to control the character by saying the word "jump".

How we built it

We built it by first getting the voice control part work and then design the user interface by using JavaScript ,html and photoshop

Challenges we ran into

Agreeing on a project to work on took the longest time as all members of the team had different ideas of where to go,though we knew we wanted to work with voice recognition。 Finding a voice regonition API that would work with what we wanted was the next step was the other challenge

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we managed to work as a team to complete this project in 24 hours, as well as reach our goal of using voice recognition

What we learned

We learned to communicate better as a team and learned to let go of some functions that to see the project to completion。 Some of us learned to use Javascript, while all of us learned to use API and library。 We also gained confidence in learning new technology on our own。

What's next for Morning jog

We would like to see if we can use the voice command technology to make other projects that would help in learning, such as learning English or even writing email for the visually impaired。

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