The inspiration behind Anveti, is the need to be able to search IPFS for self posted data, and monetize in the process.

What it does

Anveti enables users to post their data to ipfs with a given view price. Users can freely view their own data and if they wish to view files of other users they can pay a small retrieval and view fee. Users can "delete" their data from the dApp. Anveti provides users with the ability to see their earnings over all, as well as for individual files and withdraw.

How we built it

Anveti is built on IPFS where it uses IPFS for document storage and provision of the document references. It uses the Ethereum virtual machine to provide an execution context and business + payment logic hosting.

Challenges we ran into

Primary challenges were to do with how the EVM handles data however after reframing the challenge we were able to overcome this.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of having created Anveti a step towards truely decentralized and non-custodial search.

What we learned

We learnt that the there are a lot of interesting and new project that can be built on top of Anveti as it's powered by IPFS

What's next for Anveti

Our next step will be to look at new usecases in areas such as DeFi for the service

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