Mornings are hard. I think that's something everybody around the world can agree on. We're groggy, usually running a bit late, and trying to get our days started as soon as possible. And for us at Morning, that usually involves a complicated procedure every morning: checking our emails from the past night, orienting ourself with our google calendars, catching up on news, checking the weather, checking our messages, etc... Despite how hectic mornings are usually portrayed as, scientific research has shown that mornings are actually when individuals are most in touch with complex emotions, such as love, inspiration, and mood. Here at Morning, we take all the fuss out of mornings so that you can focus on what is truly important: being in tune with yourself.

What it does

Morning provides a unique unified platform designed to make mornings easier. It presents the user a customizable unified dashboard with everything a user could need in the morning in one sleek and easy to use interface. Furthermore, what makes Morning unique over over lifestyle apps is that it helps you self-diagnose your mood and motivation level by asking you how you're feeling every morning, and then generates a score everyday based on sentiment analysis of the choices selected. We present graphics of personalized data to make interpretation easy and satisfying to look at.

How I built it

We built morning with an Angujar.js framework and Firebase for storage.

Challenges I ran into

DevOps were more challenging than expected

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The bubble picker UI is sleek.

What I learned

First time for many of us using Angular.js

What's next for Morning

It only goes uphill from here. We're thinking of adding an alarm feature and making it more of a sleep oriented app.

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