Inspiration :

To help Moms 24/7 all around the world, by encouraging them to share their feelings, needs, and saving their precious time thanks to our civil and professional members. They can see there are plenty of Moms out there longing for company and fun as much as they do. Our aim is to connect people in our times, so not only can they face their challenges easier, but they can also be part of an online community. Every little help matters, being close when we are far. This is the key to resilience on an individual and a social level too. Common people and professionals, a place for making everyday life easier, and let's not forget that besides self-reflection having fun is one of the best immune system booster.

What it does

It matchmakes the Moms searching for support in everyday tasks (e.g: finding teachers and experience packages or e gadgets for their children via donation) and also enables them to socialize with others (group meditation, pyjama party-watching a movie together, while chatting, stand up comedy etc). The third main function focuses on the edutainment of the children, Moms get tips for online and offline games too, children get quizes&videos too. A lockdown is not an easy situation for the little Energizer bunnies neither. [] We believe that paying attention to each other is the kind of security we need. In the long run, I can only give, If I am feeling alright. Here, a*conscious, and supportive community* will help you to have the shift in mind, so your focus will not only be on the restrictions and difficulties, but thanks to the help of others, you will be grateful for all that we can still do together. HelpMoms is the place without a stream of information, a perfect balance of growing, having fun, spending quality time alone, with your kid, and with others.

How we built it

Everybody put in the knowledge of tech, marketing, education, psychology, and interest for a positive social impact on a European level that offers a full journey to support the daily lives of moms.

Challenges we ran into :

Creating the team at the last minute, having some difficulties with registration due to lack of sleeping:D Different schedules and personalities, but we are doing well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of :

It is a colorful team with different backgrounds, yet with the same aim to make the life of millions of moms, kids, families, and people who want to _help easier and happier_in Europe.

What we learned :

Teamwork, Vision, Focus

What's next for HelpMoms :

Our goal is to launch a progressive web app that will become worldwide and will have the following additional functions:

Receipt ideas. It is a pain the head for mums to come up with what to cook:) 2 receipts/week for free, the pay-service would automatically recommend you what you can cook based on the ingredients you have at home and the diet you follow.

Many times online food purchasing is a competition, and takes a lot of time. Mums would write their shopping list, and upload it. Their monogram would be seen, and the number of ingredients they want to order. The volunteer who has time, would get in touch with her, and order what she wants. Till then, the mom can do other duties, or relax:)

HR matchmaking service where companies that are looking for part-time remote workers can be connected with Moms looking for flexible jobs.

MomMarket, where talented mothers can find their audience for selling their goods. We are planning to expand the webpage from the CEE to all around Europe, and to the American continent as well, where children will more likely to live in a single household than anywhere else based on research []

We believe that due to the knowledge and entertainment the community can provide, even after the virus has gone, moms, kids, civil, and the mentors will willingly stay on the platform, and be part of HelpMoms authentic community.

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posted an update

Update # 01

First day: Brainstorming, Product Vision Board, Project Brief

Second day: Working more on details of the product using Miro, Figma when it comes to the design and user experience. Getting some feedbacks from mentors, the First Pitch demo draft is done

Third day: Getting more comments from mentors, and our Team mentor. Having a meeting and ideas from a Pitch expert on how to focus and represent our ideas.

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posted an update

Update #01 [Technical Part]

Back-end : We use the Python3 and Django 3.0.2 for the back-end. The 25th we finish the Daily-quote app and As I write these lines, I'm currently working on the emergency contact. The next step is Q&A.

Front-end : The team work on a show-case website, for the moment this website just use HTML5/CSS3/JS with Bootstrap. This website are host on a personnal website.

We will soon deploy the full site.

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