As college students, money is a major concern. Whether it be taking out student loans or searching for scholarships, we need to be smart with the money we have and identify ways of growing our balance. Because we must spend money on food, textbooks, and other miscellaneous necessities, it is hard to see where our money is going and manage a budget. That is why we created MoreBills.

What it does

It allows users to enter their starting balance and make adjustments as expenses arise and as income comes in. It also aids the user with monetary goal attaining: you are asked to set a goal for a certain amount of money and it stays on the site to remind you.

How we built it

Our website is a glorious blend of html, css, and javascript. For the final touch, a drop of google drawing was added to create the logo.

Challenges we ran into

None of the team is very familiar with javascript. The experience difference throughout the team was bumpy, but we were all able to pull together and create something great.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The drag and drop feature and the graph which interacts with it are brilliant successes achieved by individuals in our team.

What we learned

We learned quite a bit about html, css, and javascript. Not to mention, we learned about our capabilities and passions through this experience. Each person brought their strengths out to help the team.

What's next for MoreBills

MoreBills can be added to in a multitude of ways. To begin, the web app can become much more interactive. Being user friendly is a major focus for our produce, there are always ways to improve in that area. It also does not need to stop at a web app, MoreBills can be more easily accessible via mobile app.

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