When we were trying to come up with some sort of project that would benefit the Baltimore community as a whole, we realized, we needed to somehow help the homeless and the unemployed. That's because Baltimore has a very high unemployment rate, which surpasses that of Maryland state and the USA. We realized many homeless people had already given up searching for the jobs since that is a very time taking activity and not always successful, hence we tried to ease this process by enabling the employers to post jobs, and enabling the users to search through jobs and apply directly from the website, by creating their resume online.

What it does

We wanted to expand the user interface for it to include other people as well, such as people moving in and people currently living in the Baltimore area. Since not everyone, especially the homeless, has a cellphone, we made a website that is accessible and viewable from both computers and phones. This website integrates information from Open Data Baltimore with Google Maps API to show closest clinics, restaurants, shelters, grocery stores, job openings, and available houses for buying and renting to the location you put in. In addition to that, employers can post jobs, specifying salaries, description of the job, location of it, previous experience necessary and specific questions they want the employees to answer. Users can make resumes online and apply to different jobs. Others can post info about a house they are selling or renting out, and users can contact them if they are interested in buying or renting. It also shows graphs about unemployment.

How I built it

We used CSS, JavaScript, and HTML for the front end and design with the integration of JQuery.js, d3.js, d3pie.js for creating graphs. For the back end we used PHP and MySQL to load data into the database, and fetching it when we want to find for example closest clinics to one's location.

Challenges I ran into

The location given in the datasets for longitude and latitude was incorrect, so we used Geocoding from Google Maps API to find the actual latitude and longitude using the address. The d3 was not able to graph the csv file at first, due to the very messy data, which we had to the repolish.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Most of the website is functional. We finally got the jobs that people post to show up on the main page google maps. The d3 graphs also work. We got the DataTable to work, which was at first impossible since we had too much data. Over 275,000 lines.

What I learned

I learned how to use d3Pie, Google Maps API, DataTables, and bootstrap library.

What's next for MoreAboutBaltimore

We need to make sure the domain works, and try to get the crime locations to show up on the map.

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