We are big fans of toast, so much so that our apartment goes through multiple loaves of bread a week. As semi-serious students, there are days when we don't even see each other, let alone chat about whether we're running out of bread. And while collaborative grocery lists do exist, they mandate an inane time commitment in terms of manual tracking, projecting, and enforcing.

Cue our iOS and web app More Toast, requiring only 1 minute of your time after each grocery trip.

We've taken a standard model-- each user has a personal shopping list as well as a group list shared by roommates-- and maximized its efficiency, accountability, and versatility of this model through several unique features:

  • Instead of manually typing and tracking items, just snap a photo of each receipt, then check a box for each communal item. This crosses them off their respective shopping lists, which is reflected in your roommates' apps too.
  • We use your receipt history (including your roommates') to predict when you'll be running out of something, then we add it to the correct list. If some entries are idiosyncratic, you have the option to manually add/delete them.
  • Whenever you add a receipt, you can check a box next to your roommates' names to share costs. The app automatically sends them a payment request via Dwolla.
  • If a grocery store appears on one roommate's Capital One statement and they have not recently submitted a receipt, our app notifies them to do so.
  • When Google detects that you are near a grocery store, we check whether you might be running out of an item, and if so we notify you.
  • Similarly, when you are in a grocery store, More Toast will notify your roommates so they can ask you to pick up items off their personal lists-- for example, more toast.
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