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More Recipes is an application built using React, Redux, and Node that enables users create, share and vote on insightful recipes from around the world.

Table of Content

Features in the application

  • Users can see a catalogue of recipes well paginated.
  • Users can see the most popular recipes in the application.
  • Users can create accounts by signing up with a valid email address and username.
  • User can search a catalogue of recipes.
  • Registered users can login with verified details.
  • Registered users can add recipes to the application.
  • Registered users can edit their recipes in the application.
  • Registered users can delete their recipes in the application.
  • Registered users can add and remove recipes from their list of favorite recipes.
  • Registered users can upvote on a particular recipe, and also downvote.
  • Registered users can review a recipe and leave their thoughts.
  • Users receive email notification when they sign-up
  • Users get email notification when their recipe is reviewed
  • Users can see the number of times their recipe has been viewed
  • Users can see the number of favorites their recipe currently has

Technology Stack used

  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sequelize
  • ReactJS
  • Redux

Getting Started

  • Before cloning the repo, make sure you have Node and PostgresQL installed on your local machine
  • Clone the repo to your local machine
> $ git clone
  • Change directory into the more-recipes directory
> $ cd more-recipes
  • Install all required dependencies by running
> $ npm install
  • Once installation is done, create a .env file and fill it with the neccessary environment variables (see .env.example for the neccessary environment variables required)
  • Create a database to be used with the application
  • Migrate database by running
> $ sequelize db:migrate
  • To start the application, run
> $ npm run dev

API docs

For an indepth look at the API build and up-to-date documentation, visit the api doumentation website to get started.

  • POST localhost:8080/api/v1/recipes/:recipeId/testVote

    • To vote on a recipe, enter the url above and replace recipeId with a numeric value of a recipe that currently exists.
  • PUT localhost:8080/api/v1/recipe/:recipeId

    • To update a recipe, enter the url above and replace recipeId with the id of the recipe you want to update.
  • POST localhost:8080/api/v1/recipes?sort=upVotes&order=desc

    • Enter the url above to get the reipes based on their number of votes.

Running tests

Server-side tests

  • Create a test database
  • run
> $ npm run test-local

Client-side tests

  • To run the client-side tests, run
> $ npm run client-test

End-to-end tests

  • To run the end-to-end tests, make sure you have selenium and chrome-driver downloaded on your local machine. (See the nightwatch.json file for paths and how to set it up).
  • run
> $ npm run e2e

Current limitations in the application

  • Users cannot signup/sign-in with their social media accounts

How To Contribute

  • Fork the repository
  • Create a feature branch with a file
  • Write tests and make them pass
  • Open a pull request
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