Some “education” is often necessary to have a smooth healthy pregnancy. Ideally, a mom-to-be will actively seek the information and have their own independent learning. But alas, that seems that’s not always the case.

Sometimes people forget. It takes discipline to keep on learning and more so to take action based on the learning. Thus, we come to the idea of gamification. Integrating the information sharing and reminder into a game. Virtual pet genre appears as the proper choice as the game requires a daily login and the genre is seemingly popular among the target demographics. These all led us to make MORA.

“Mom Pregnancy Assistant“

What it does

In addition to the often-found mechanics in virtual pet games (stat as hunger, hygiene, and fun as well as mini-game), The stats would be maintained by the activity in respective "room" and the mini-game is an image memorization game. “Mora” will periodically give small snippets of information and ask about things that needed to be tracked during pregnancy. You know, things like taking iron and folic acid supplement to things like having enough exercise. The information recorded could be seen and used as a reference to having a general outlook on the relevant factors that the woman experienced during the pregnancy.

As we’re not experts in the subject, we extract the bits of knowledge from WHO’s guideline.

How we built the app

We use the "bayat" library for saving. Mostly dividing the development based on the different rooms. We also made all the assets shown in the app.

Challenges we ran into

None of us is familiar with unity, leading to slowing down in the process.

Also, as all of us are first time hackers, we are not experienced with developing something in a very limited amount of time. The prioritization could have been better. The main feature should be information tracker and sender, yet the very first thing that comes to our mind is about the game. Also, we suspected that game has too many components for such a short period.

We found that making assets is a lot of work. Especially when most of the things are not yet decided and set beforehand.

Fact that none of us is studying health/medicine nor none of us has gone through the process ourselves. We’re second-guessing along with the hackathon. Nevertheless, we learn many new things.

Accomplishment that we’re proud of

It’s something we made in a limited amount of time. Also the first android game for us!

What’s next for MORA?

The future development could use a better way to improve the details within the app, improving both the gameplay (also art) and the educational part of MORA. More conditionals and factors could be introduced and ideally, Mora’s summary wouldn’t be a just record of the answers as it is now but instead a processed insight that is more actionable for the users and informative to the medical professionals.

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