Our group decided we wanted to design a web-rpg game. We had ideas for varying storylines and similar aspects of the game, which we implemented into this version. For this early version, we were inspired by Twitch emotes for names in the story.

What it does

Opening the website will run the game. The hack button will lead you to the makespp website, and the about button will give you information about our team and our roles in this game.

How I built it

Used various languages and frameworks, to include buttons and audio as a part of our game.

Challenges I ran into

It was a challenge making the decisions string together and lead to their own areas of the story. We troubleshooted some code, but for the most part our lead developer Nick was excellent and did not have many technical issues. Our biggest challenge was time, as creating multiple outcomes for each option takes a long time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are especially proud of the physical design of the page, we are happy with the aesthetic given by the text and the orchestral music that presented a good setting for the story.

What I learned

We learned that decision based games are far more time consuming to code. It stems into a large series of events that may greatly change the story. It is a long and arduous process, although it is very fun and satisfying to get the final result that we have created.

What's next for Mopmop - The Might of Poggert

We hope to develop our RPG further with a more in-depth storyline and art. We enjoyed the idea and process behind this game, but we feel like we could turn this game into something much larger and more entertaining for the users. We may also

Note: Some web browsers do not have the option to autoplay audio, such as Google Chrome. This may result in the intro/homepage song not playing, however this issue should be resolved after starting the game or using a separate browser such as Firefox, Edge, or Opera.

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