Doctors waste over two-thirds of their time doing paperwork. MOPADA.NET aims to help medical professionals manage patient data in an efficient manner, such that they can give more of their time and attention to their patients.

What it does

A visualisation tool for presenting and capturing patient information for medical professionals in an easy and accessible manner on their smartphones. MOPADA.NET is a platform that gives medical professional access to patient data from all over the world.

How we built it

We build a responsive web interface to prototype the idea. Native mobile apps would be more seamless in the real-world application. The server uses Node.js to interface with Nexmo services and for database interaction.

Challenges we ran into

Positioning elements exactly where we want them to appear on a webpage.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a demo of MOPADA.NET, where we illustrate how patient data will be displayed to help medical professionals manage patient data such that they are given key information about a patient at a glance from their smartphone.

What we learned

How to use bootstrap to create a website. There are many efficiency issues within clinical practices.

What's next for MOPADA.NET

Future directions involve integrating passive monitoring information such as behavioural data from user’s smartphones in order to provide longitudinal information about how an individual’s symptoms are chaining over time.

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