As Discord users, we recognized an opportunity to add another dimension to the chatroom's communication. One of the key driving motivations for implementing a cryptocurrency is the ability to send much smaller values than possible with the standard US dollar. This opens doors to payments that currently are not comfortably made.

What it does

Mooxter connects with a variety of different services to allow peer to peer XPR transfer on multiple different platforms. Currently implemented is a web UI, along with a Discord bot to allow users to transfer funds.

How I built it

Our team split the project initially with one building the Discord bot to handle all user interactions, another to work on the front end and OAuth, the third to start creating the database and building a Xpring API, and the last to handle all things related to containers and Kubernetes.

Challenges I ran into

A few design choices that needed to be altered were using node.js to handle Discord's OAuth, using python to implement the Xpring API, and then finally bringing everything together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Where one error in a GET request to a server could result in a failure of a seemingly separate component, getting all components synchronized together was a significant task. The project finally coming together was exceptionally enjoyable.

What I learned

This project allowed us to see many moving parts working together, with many of the implemented services being industry standards.

What's next for mooxter

Implement more supported services like Twitter, Slack, and Reddit. Also, an important step will be to run our own Xpring server node.

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