We are a high tech university startup from Lund University in Sweden. We have spent 2 years building an AI-based IoT system to offer 24 hours of non-stop surveillance to farm animals in order to avoid an outbreak of the epidemic.

The COVID-19 epidemic caused a lot of uncertainty in the agricultural industry. Farmers dumped milk when the corona restaurant closed and demand was closed. How those who care for the cows and provide food for the public without much revenue to sustain themselves?  MooVet​ was born in Hack the Crisis Sweden. We'd like to share our AI disease surveillance model for free to the farmers affected by COVID-19, and help SMEs in agriculture through the crisis.  

This is all about the MooVet App.

The problem your project solves

  • 1)Farmers
    • a) How to get help and prepare the shift farm manager to take over farm  animals in an efficient manner during the pandemic 
    • b) Animals disease unattended/ not efficiently attended during COVID-19 
    • c) The high cost of medication diagnosis of farm animals 
    • d) Complicated farm management shift with no clear track of animals' health history.
  • 2) Veterinarians
    • a) Unclear description of the abnormal behaviors which leads to  unnecessary physical visit to farms and increase the infection risk.  
  • 3)Public authorities
    • a) Spread of COVID-19 infection among regional farms 
    • b) Vulnerable food supply of food animals 
    • c) Vulnerable animal disease monitor system during COVID-19 

The solution you bring to the table

The MooVet application can work in different scenarios: 

  • 1) Help farmers​ to cope with possible shortages (including co-leading farmers' illness  and short-term worker shortages).
  • 2) Help the veterinarian to make a diagnosis/advice quickly while maintaining social distance and ensuring income. 
  • 3) Help governments and research institutions to​ quickly obtain suspicious information about serious diseases (such as Mad Cow Disease) so that they can respond quickly without being affected by work from home. 

What you have done during the weekend

  • 1) Got New team members and skills​
  • 2) Got feedback from 8 mentors​.
  • 3) Upgrade our solution​: 
    • a) Added new language features 
    • b) Added new function-​"veterinary records"​, especially for pregnant cows, newborn cows, and cows with a history of illness. This feature will use our "animal recognition" technology to make video or picture information easy to retrieve. When the farmer is sick, he can transfer  the cow’s health record/veterinary feedback to the next person 
    • c) Designed two DEMO APP the farmers'+ ​the veterinarians’ 
  • 4)Engaged potential stakeholders​:
    • a) EU agriculture commission endorsement 
    • b) SME Farmers network: sostenibl.es
    • c) EU SME funding channel   
  • 5) Upgraded pitch video  
  • 6) Upgraded pitch and business model 

Furthermore,​ our solution is linked to the goals of ecological sustainability and sustainable use of land-based ecosystems (SDG 15) and, not least, SDG 13 on measures to combat climate change and its effects (SDG 13)

Before the end

Our solution is valid and scalable even after the current crisis. We are in an urgent need of partners and public grants to complete the App, test it on farms and make it available for all farmers in the EU, welcome to contact us and help farmers to fight the crisis!

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