We wanted to make a motivational app for the everyday consumer, not just fitness gurus.

What it does

displays sate and time; fills a meter with red color while still, user must move to fill bar with green

How we built it

-drew up concepts on a whiteboard -decided on basic structure -began coding -finalized idea -(it's not finished)

Challenges we ran into

-too many to list -no knowledge of C -limited Java exp -never worked with gui -never worked with pebble -pebble documentation difficult to understand

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-knowledge -experience -teamwork -our code, albeit disfunctional

What we learned

-a lot about C -how to remain kind to each other after 48 hours

What's next for Moov

-finish the code -write equivalent for iWatch -implement a cow icon that appears when you've achieved awesome or not-so-awesome things

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