When writing down things we were passionate about, we all had written down music. But, we didn't want a regular music site, we wanted to connect the psychology behind it in a fun way, which was a quiz! We also all love buzzfeed quizzes and used them as a team-bonding exercises, so inspiration struck.

What it does

MOOSIC is a website with multiple pages and many features. There is a quiz in which users can answer the questions and will be given one of many playlist recommendations based on their mood and taste. There is a spotify integration to hear clips of the songs on the website and share it to your social media platforms. Additionally, we have an information section to learn more about the psychology of music in our paragraphs, videos, or links.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. One member who was more proficient in JavaScript took over the making of the quiz, another researched and wrote the information seen on the site, while the last organized the site to ensure the site was presentable. For the quiz, each answer choice is assigned a unique prime number, and we assigned a function to multiply the numbers to generate unique values, which each corresponded to a tailored playlist.

Challenges we ran into

At first we were a group of 4, with only one of us having done a hackathon before, but then one of the members was unable to follow through and had to leave the first night. This disrupted the flow and balance of the group for a bit, then we simply forked the project and continued working as a group of 3. Additionally, we had some problems with the structure of the page and trying to make sure that it looks good on all sizes of screens but this is something to be developed further when there is more time! One challenge we had was coming up with a good strategy to account for the various combinations of answers, but the math-based plan worked out really well!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Even though we had some setbacks, our group worked tirelessly to ensure we had a product that would wow the judges, but more importantly, wow ourselves! Many late nights, unanswered questions, and we would not trade it out for anything. Our bond as a team grew and so did our skills as coders! We believe the visuals and aesthetics of the site really tie everything together, especially our mascot, Gabe.

What we learned

We learned that hackathons are a lot of work and to stand out, you need to put that extra effort. We didn't want to make a product that was good enough just for a prize, we wanted to create something that we could continue and build upon, far after this hackathon. We also learned that breaks are so important while working for your physical, mental, and emotional health.

What's next for MOOSIC

We hope to create a user-based system for music recs and reviews, similar to Goodreads but for music! We would also like to perfect responsive web design so it is clean and accessible for all audiences. In the future, an official collaboration with Spotify would help, even though they may become competition at this rate, we would just want to see MOOSIC rise to its fullest potential.

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