"An amazing game thats an amazing game fantastic epic description. Cow goes moo... Dog woof... Cat meow. We all know these things are true. However, we also know one universal truth- that people act differently when in positions of poop. Power. This game, aptly titled Mooranda Rights, involved frisking, arresting, and shooting people all while being a cow and collecting chees. Also, not getting caught when you do so improperly. 10/10 stars" - Skyler

"'Mooranda Rights' delivers a striking avant-garde of both the gaming industry and the police, two institutions with many similarities, such as abuses of power and overuse of the color blue. It also poses an intriguing question: Put into the role of a cow police officer, would you abuse your power and shoot random people? Yes, yes you would. 10/10 stars" - Me (I made the game)

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