Our Mission:

Are you looking forward to your kids growing up in a polluted world? Neither do we and this is why we are inviting you to support Moopeez.

Our children are the key to a more environmental friendly world and it is up to all of us to give them the tools they need to keep the planet clean and green.

Why are we building a game first:

No one, and especially a kid, wants to be told what to do! But everyone loves to learn and play.

Moopeez uses gaming, and gamification techniques, to help teach good recycling and environmental habits. When playing the game, kids of all ages (yeah, parents can really get into it!) easily learn and remember in which recycling bins each piece of trash should go.

But there is one added benefit: People love to share and talk about their gaming experiences and this is where Moopeez shine; the entire family becomes involved, challenges each other, and transfers what they learn in the game into the real world. We’ve heard of people playing Moopeez with real trash and bins after testing the game!

Meet the team

Moopeez was born a while back during the Microsoft Imagine Cup contest. Around that time we decided to do things the right way and we set the non-profit “Association Eco-Citoyens” in France. Since then, the team has been working on its spare time to improve the game, often learning new skills along the way.

The future

We have big plans for Moopeez and want to make it way more than just a game. You can interact with Moopeez via your Amazon Alexa device and we are also putting the foundation in place for a vibrant community. You can also head out to [http://www.moopeez.com] and see how you can test the android version of the game.

We hope you help us grow this community and spread the word about Moopeez. Together, one step at a time, we can make sure our kids grow-up in a more eco-friendly place.

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