As indicated by the Digital Mental Health Revolution report, it was found just 52 applications out of 1,000 utilize compelling mental procedures to decrease uneasiness. With the assistance of two or three brain science majors, we directed a review asking how mindful individuals are of their psychological well-being. We tracked down that the vast majority are strained and discouraged in their everyday lives except will not connect with an advisor. We attempted to overcome any issues between the specialist and the patient in any non-profit organization (which helps people deal with mental stress) with mooody, an android application that lifts your psyche, more like a companion.

What it does

Mood Booster: We have all experienced the battle of tracking down the correct film to watch when we are feeling down, mooody recommends motion pictures and tunes dependent on your mindset, and who doesn't prefer to watch films and tune in to melodies when they are feeling down.

Self-Checkup: As per our research, the 4 self deterministic components that contribute towards great psychological well-being are :

  • Getting a decent night's rest
  • Eating nutritious food
  • Ordinary exercise
  • Keeping in contact with one's loved ones

mooody assists the clients with reflecting themselves by posing them a few inquiries and dependent on their answers, giving them adequate exhortation to hold themselves within proper limits.

Mental Health Awareness Articles and Infographics: In order to assess the awareness level of the masses, we created a google form pertaining to question related to one’s health. Furthermore, the responses were used to lay the foundation for our infographics which helps the user realize that we are all in this together. Keep up to date on all the exploration articles and online journals identified with emotional well-being and mindfulness utilizing mooody's articles. We utilized NEWS API to sift through articles, news, and sites identified with psychological wellness and mindfulness.

Meditation Simulator: Hand-picked assortment of encompassing sounds like the voice of the downpour, loosening up strong of nature, the elevating voice of harmony, and the quiet solid of room, which assists you with unwinding and frees your brain.

How we built it

The whole application was built using flutter, the prototype was designed in Adobe XD, NEWS API was used to gather articles in our application, infographics were analyzed in python using different libraries like matplotlib, seaborn, etc., and lastly, all the data was stored in the firebase firestore storage.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't know how to use an API in our application and neither did we know how to connect firebase to our application. Watching tutorials videos and reading documentation helped us overcome these challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a fully functional android application, without any knowledge of firebase firestore storage, API calls, and some external extensions.

What we learned

  • Flutter (Dart)
  • API Calling
  • Firebase Database

What's next for mooody

  • Improve the survey by conversing with more analysts which thus will help the client in acknowledging how is he/she feeling all the more accurately.
  • Expand the usefulness of our motion pictures and tunes suggestion motor utilizing NLP and Machine Learning Techniques and add more things, not limited to simply films and melodies.
  • To advance emotional wellness and mindfulness, we can contact web-based media influencers and online classes with respect to something very similar.
  • Team up with advisors to volunteer for online interviews through mooody.


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