The medical goal of Moonwalker is to stimulate the muscles in your legs.

The Story

In Moonwalker, the player takes the role of an astronaut who is sent on a solo mission one month after the first moon landing in 1969. The purpose of the mission is to find the source of a strange light that has been caught on camera during the first moon landing. However, the second moon landing does not go as planned and you are left alone on the moon with a broken moonlander and just a few working devices.

In order to find a way to repair your moonlander and return back to Earth you decide to continue your mission and explore the moon. Soon, you'll find out that the camera footage from the first moon landing is not showing the actual truth...

Game Features

  • Explore a complete new world and unravel the mystery of the moon.
  • Solve fascinating puzzles to find a way back to Earth.
  • Move and stimulate your leg muscles while enjoying a stunning landscape.
  • Moonwalker gives you the ability to control and play the game in various ways: choose the style that suits you the best.
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