We are all space geeks and we find everything related to space travel truly fascinating.

We wanted to make something that would make others see how cool it really is.

So we made Moonage Daydream to take you on a virtual adventure/mission to the moon and back.

What it does

You have 7 missions:

Mission 1: Learn about the Saturn V rocket, it's components and it's controls through AR.

Mission 2: Liftoff and enter outer space. Who needs git to push code to GitHub when you can use our space themed package 'Moonpie' instead. Set your destination (Upstream). Enter mission statement (commit message) and launch your rocket into space (push to GitHub) all by using Moonpie for a visual rocket flying off from your terminal.

Mission 3: Navigate your way through the asteroids of space in our recreation of the classic asteroid game. Can you save your ship from the hurling asteroids and reach your destination safely?

Mission 4: Explore your life in space. Learn about how moisture and urine is converted into drinkable water. How co2 escape into space.And how different food is here on earth vs in space through AR animation.

Mission 5: Land carefully and safely on the moon using your thrusters. Be careful not to use up all your fuel in this recreation of Atari's lunar lander game made using pygame.

Mission 6: Take out your VR glasses and explore the moon surface. This surface is the actual landing site of Apollo 17 and the Lunar Lander and the scene are both from the NASA's 3D gallery.

Mission 7: Return to earth with the knowledge and experience of an astronaut.

How we built it

It was made using Unity studio, pygame and a bunch of other tools

What's it made up of

It has AR, VR, a command line package and recreation of two classical arcade games Asteroids and Lunar Lander.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we finished this project.

What we learned

  1. Making apps with Vuforia 2.Vuforia database and importing
  2. Vuforia with 2D and 3D Manipulating Images
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