Moon is a mobile app that allows you to easily send and receive cryptocurrency with friends.

During the latest boom in the cryptocurrency markets, I saw everyone around me struggling with the un-user-friendly and tedious task of sending cryptocurrency to friends. Many were Venmoing money to their friends to buy crypto on their behalf to avoid dealing with it themselves. Many individuals started effectively managing funds on behalf of friends and family. These very intelligent professionals feared handling their own crypto more than they did handing thousands of USD over for their friends to manage. Crypto has a user experience problem, and it will not be adopted without a serious makeover. Wallets are confusing to the average person and the moment you mention public/private key, they freak out. People don’t trust themselves with that much responsibility. If someone makes a typo in a public key they’ve lost the money irreversibly. If the network is slow, the payment may not be confirmed for an hour or more—this makes sending crypto a nerve-racking experience. Why is this not easier?

While the rest of the crypto community is off building deep blockchain tech or inventing new currencies for specific purposes that most people can’t understand, I want to make crypto palatable to the commoner. I want to focus on the user experience.

Our approach has 4 core aspects: build a social graph, integrate with the most popular exchanges, build a user experience for the commoner, and memes….yes, memes.

What it does

Think Venmo for Crypto. Users send/receive crypto to/from friends. We get their list of friends from integrating with social media, chat apps and their contacts list. User's can attach memes to transactions. Funds can be transferred into or out of exchanges, like Coinbase, or a wallet.

How we built it

React Native / Node.js/Express.js / Coinbase API

Challenges we ran into

Not enough time this weekend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Got a lot done over the weekend.

What we learned

Hackathons are very productive.

What's next for Moon

Continue building the product, and regulatory advice, raise funding.

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