Our group found each other slowly over a few hours and we worked together to create the basic concept of our game. This game is a auto-side scroller where the character can move back and forth a little as well as jump. We eventually developed the idea into a game where you avoid obstacles and enemies in space.

What it does

This game moves to the left as obstacles and enemies move onto and off of the screen.

How we built it

We built it using previous knowledge of how to code using Processing 3 and also experience with Piskel to create sprites.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many problems while coding and we finished most of the basic game then exited without saving.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did some cool things with code and made some text flash and glow.

What we learned

We learned how to make a game that a[[lies gravity.

What's next for MOON OR DIE

I personally plan on working on it as a side project.

Was not able to upload.

Built With

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