People all over the world are talking about cryptos and trading them, but many people do not understand this idea.

What it does

The game teaches you about crypto trading by learning the process and the potential consequences.

How we built it

We collaborated and used Unity and C# for developing it. And Figma for drawing parts while using some free sprites online.

Challenges we ran into

A team member left us at the start. One of the team members had the electricity shut down and couldn't work much on the project. Github works poorly with Unity projects and we needed to use Unity collab.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The game is something we had in our heads and we managed to create a prototype of it

What we learned

We learned a bit more about crypto trading ourselves, some techniques in Unity and C#, and improved our communication and English skills.

What's next for Moon-miner

The full game is going to be published in different stores when the game is ready

Built With

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