The moon has always been inspirational to people at all ages, but is always too far away and too distant. It's magnificent, but looking at it, I felt kind of sad, and in between this sadness and admiration I started planing this experience.

What it does

By reading the thoughts of the moon and the stars around, we will be able to see how lonely the moon feels, and how at the end is revealed that our perception is a key factor, and that we should need to learn to view things differently to understand better, and realize that we can be so hard on ourself and so wrong without reason.

With this experience, maybe with an improved version will be better, I also expect people to understand other persons feelings, fomenting the empathy by understanding the moon, which is a character that everyone know and no one have bad feelings against, and with this experience open minds to what other people can feel, and trying to drive to a place where expressing this feelings or emotions is more normal and accepted than as in the current world we live nowadays.

How I built it

I coded it all in C++ from scratch. Used the SFML libraries to help on thinks like the audio, or the window management, but mostly coded all the game by myself from scratch.

Challenges I ran into

I arrived at the hackathon late after taking a taxi, bus, flight, another bus (for 4 hours), and some good walking, and started coding right away. It's been exhausting and haven't had time to iterate and improve the game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having it finished. With less history and features than I would have liked to add, but finished.


What I learned

That I love making games, and that may help delivering stories.

What's next for Moon

It will disappear on the horizon, and came again every night, alone, but finally knowing that all the little dots in the sky love, appreciate and need her. On my side I would like to deliver the original complete history that I intended to deliver adding more content to this experience and making it grow bigger.

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