We thought that peer pressure might do interesting things to the way we bank-- social banking-- if you will. Hopefully, this kind of environment would motivate people to grow their wealth and become more mindful for what they have. We hope Moolah will help people grow their moolah and avoid debt of all kinds.

What it does

Moolah money allows users to create savings accounts and then see the balances on all their friends' accounts.

How we built it

Auth0, ReactJs, Capital One API

Challenges we ran into

This is our first Hackathon!!! (Woohoo, and look at our Accomplishments)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Navigating between Capital One's API as well as that of Auth0 was pretty tricky, but we figured out enough for some basic functionality. We are also very happy with the accompanying financial literacy video featured on the resources section of the website.

What we learned

This was several of ours' first endeavor into API calls as well as React in general. A lot was learned on both those ends. This was all of ours first Hackathon to compete in, so we learned in that regard as well :)

What's next for Moolah Money

Hopefully another Hackathon in the coming weeks.

Built With

  • auth0
  • capital-one-api
  • react
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