Moody Buddies

What Inspired Us

Our goal is to create a social media app to help college students check up on each other at a glance and to provide a shared, personal space where honesty and vulnerability is not only welcomed, but encouraged. During this pandemic, we have noticed it has become quite difficult to keep up with our close friends and family with the added responsibilities and stress. This app allows students to update their status and reach out to friends when they need support.


For the project, we used Java to do Android programming. We used the Android Studios IDE to help us code as well as get an emulator that can run our code. We used FirebaseUI for the user authentication, Firebase realtime database for storing user data, and Firebase Storage for storing profile pictures.


This was everyone’s first hackathon, so we definitely learned a lot! We learned more about git and its purpose in synchronizing projects across multiple computers with the use of GitHub.This was also our first time using Firebase, but we learned more about how to implement a backend that updates in realtime, which is essential for social media apps. Two of our members were experienced in Android programming so we decided to make our project an Android app. The other two members had to quickly pick up Android programming, which they did and helped a lot in the creation of app layouts like the user page and each user’s profile card which is displayed on the home screen. Overall, as a team, we learned how to solve conflicts and to work together to build something meaningful and impactful during this time.

In the long term, we hope this app will help its users feel supported, connected, and protected. We want this app to be a safe place where they can broadcast their feelings freely and get support when needed. Thank you for your time and we hope you enjoyed our presentation!

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