Being a student at a college requires a lot of management in a day to day situation. We wanted an app that improves the general well-being of people. Although we manage our time in-between relaxation, work, and fitness, we wanted peoples’ productivity to include mental health. Having self-awareness of your mood can change and improve behavior for a positive outlook.

What it does

We wanted to create an app that is unique to the user experience. Moody takes simple input that tracks daily behavior and any changes in mood. Moody utilizes the psychology of moods and colors to improve your overall mood. As a coach if your days becomes grumpy and sad, it will recommend ways to improve behavior through a talking AI. Also, it stores your mood and emotions into a weekly tracker and statistic for further representation of the data.

How we built it

Pebble SDK, Cloud Pebble and GIMP

Challenges we ran into

We had a lot of troubles getting the pebble emulator to be responsive. Some cases we had the code intentionally fail to compile and reverted back to our initial code to get the emulator working.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing a pebble watchapp. It is a new experience for our team learning how to work with a new platform Mostly first time experience in app developing with Pebble. Troubleshooting

What we learned

As a team we worked together in order to accomplish what we thought was impossible, making an app for a smartwatch. Our whole team has limited experience in computer science, but we want be persistent while strategizing our approach to learn C and program a working watchapp.

What's next for Moody

Our initial is really rough having 2.5 days to code it. We are willing to continue to develop our app and completely overhaul it to Mood 2.0. Adding Android and IOS app integration, improved animations, extending the library of emotions and moods, a more sophisticated and responsive AI.

As ambitious freshmen we wanted our idea to become something achievable, and with our start at Hack UCSC we will continue our coding to development innovative and impactful apps.

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